Thursday, August 26, 2004

Fools on Parade

Back to some poker content...

So again, our hero is playing on the $25 NLHE tables at Party, having a mediocre session, when my IM client pops up a new message from a friend living up north. He wants to tell me a funny story about he and yet another friend/Party player who are colluding via IM at a $5/$10 table.

He tells me they've already shared their hands, moron #1 - the initiator of the chat - is holding A,T of spades, moron #2 is holding J,J. The flop is Ks,Qs,x and the betting ensues between the two colluders. When the river card spikes a J, moron #2 bets into moron #1 who promptly raises. Moron #2, realizing the follies of his ways, promptly folds. Moron #1 tells me how that is so funny.

I proceed to ask him why he thought that was funny. Those two yahoos are colluding and chasing each other down with inferior hands. Can someone tell me what the point of that is? It is so flat out ridiculous, I can't even put it into words.

I ask him not to include me in their collusion efforts as I think that not only is it unfair, but with these rocket scientists, it's a -ev play on my part. Why would I share my cards with people who want to chase me down? Utter stupidity.

I tell moron #1 that is the sole reason I mainly play no limit rather than limit hold 'em now. I get too annoyed at the chasers and with no limit, I have the ability to manipulate pot odds to make their calls unwarranted. Moron #1 tells then tells me he'd call any bet with A,10 suited, so playing no-limit wouldn't matter. He also told me that I wouldn't go all-in with JJ anyway, so it doesn't matter how much of an underdog he is pre-flop.

At this point, I cease my online conversation as the physical act of typing my responses is wasting too many precious milli-calories that could be better used picking my nose.

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