Friday, January 07, 2005

I Didn't Get Shot

I made my way out last night to a local club to see a local metal band in action. Former members of the death metal band Nile have formed a band called Shaitan Mazar and they play around this area on a not too infrequent basis.

To kill time before hand, my buddy Tommy and I went to another local establishment - Bubba Annie's. I live in the South.

How fortunate it was for us that Thursday night was karaoke night. The performances we saw begged a few questions?

What makes people think that they can sing?
Do they think that if they throw in a few vocal tremolos that some music industry big wig who just happens to be there will sign them on the spot?
What is a natural women and how do you make one that isn't feel like one that is?

My buddy Tommy brought up a good point however. What we saw was probably slightly better than the halftime show at the Orange Bowl.


I've not been playing so well. I'm falling victim to moves I generally put on people myself. The limp in early position and re-raise all-in? I called to see pocket K's. Holding an overpair and letting your opponent with top pair decent kicker bet into you? I again got to see pocket K's.

I've been compensating the poor NL play with decent results in Omaha-8 $30SNG's and some $2/4 bad beat jackpot tables. Also, I've taken advantage of Empire's new year bonus and will be working that off in the next few days. I'll probably clear it before the weekend is over.

My philosophy on bonus -whoring? I consider it akin to getting your rake back. With both Empire and Party reload bonuses (or is that bonii?) occurring each month, it'd be silly not to participate.

Is it appropriate to shill my Empire affiliate? No? *cough* bonuscode BADBLOOD *cough*

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