Monday, July 18, 2005

He Shoots, He...

(fill in the blank)

That scuba shark Bill Rini is calling out people to set some goals for themselves and perhaps make a run at the 2006 WSOP. So I'll mull it over in a post and see what sticks.

I think I'm going to make plans to at least BE there for the 2006 WSOP main event. Through some connections to some local media SUPERSTARS, I may have access to a media pass for the event. That would give me an entrance into the media event where I can hope to bust Shannon Elizabeth too. As far as playing in the main event goes, I highly doubt it. If during the next year I'm fortuitous enough to bring a decent sized bankroll, I may try a satellite or two. But I don't have any realistic expectations of actually participating.

I'd like to build a decent bankroll online and offline in time for a possible October trip to Vegas. But I don't want to let this potential goal interfere with my play as I've often done in the past.

Lately, I've tried to concentrate on the decision at hand, not where my bankroll currently is. The last two live tournaments I've played, I can honestly say my decisions were pretty spot on. Raymer's bust out comments really rung true, try not to concentrate on results but rather your decisions. In one tournament, when making a steal attempt, I found that thinking about that simple statement calmed my nerves a bit. In the past, I'd be too worried about my bluff being called and then worry about the hit to my stack. In this case, I was indifferent to the other player's decision because I truly felt I'd made the right one by trying to steal the pot in this situation.

I'm not sure how other people feel, but if I ever made any kind of TV final table, I'd be tempted to keep it a secret until it aired. Wouldn't that be cool to just tell people to watch episode X of the WPT or WSOP? Hey, I know that guy! To me, that would be the ultimate goal.

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