Wednesday, December 07, 2005


There is the life you lead.  And there is the life you think you want to lead.

A trip to Vegas allows you to live the life you think you want to lead.  A glimpse into the non-stop, a toe into the pool of excess, a taste of forbidden treats – it’s all there.  Of course you can’t stay there for long.  Running your own personal engine to its redline can be hazardous.  But for short bursts, a pedal to the metal attitude works in the City of Sin.

The alternate reality of the coming weekend draws near.  For those of us living the lives of family man, breadwinner, and responsible adult, this weekend affords us the opportunity to disregard the chains for a few days.  We can stretch our inner selves that have been caged by the mundane, exposing the suppressed sides of our personalities with few repercussions.

And it will be healthy.

For when it is all over, it will be all over.  The pressure that had built will be gone – released into the desert air in a festival of friends and good times.  We will return to the routine, but with an appreciation for it rather than a distaste.


See you all soon.

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