Thursday, February 23, 2006

Wrong Coast

It’s times like these when programming FORTRAN seems pale.  Just so you know, I recently added capability for a 4th turbine stage to much of the code I work with.  

So big deal Wil Wheaton survived day 1 of the WPT Invitational, busting no-name poker hacks like John Juanda.

So big deal Dr. Pauly is again making his mark on the professional poker tournament coverage scene and nearly nailing B-list actresses.

I, BadBlood, have the capability to manipulate blade row model maps.  Yeah, that’s right.  No need to get jealous folks.  Today I embark on a journey to manipulate compressor extraction flows through heat exchangers prior to reentering the gas turbine flow path.  Gotta cool them blades, baby!

Don’t try to hide it, I can see you’re green with envy from here.

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