Thursday, March 30, 2006


Ok, it's amazing what two brilliant people can come up with over beers on a Wednesday night.

DumbBlogger1: We should do an April Fool's joke.
DumbBlogger2: Yeah we should.
DumbBlogger1: Wouldn't it be brilliant if we did it two days early? Nobody would suspect anything.
DumbBlogger2: That's fucking brilliant.

See how we think? I know what you're thinking. Brilliant doesn't describe it. You're wrong. It was brilliant.

In all seriousness, we both love Otis like a brother. I'm not sure he could say or do anything to change that either.

And how 'bout that Dick Fuckin' Tracy of a sleuth Chilly? He scours the intarweb for comments and lays down a completely rational explanation as to why this was a joke. Nothing gets past you, man. Nothin! :)

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