Monday, June 11, 2012

First Salvo - Mastodon 2012

Alright folks, after weeks of laziness and buildup, I've finally decided on spilling more details on what has come to be known as Mastodon 2012.

First, and perhaps most importantly, the date of the event is October 25th to October 28th.  You may have noticed that October 25th is a Thursday.  Traditionally, Mastodon Weekends begin somewhat early for some folks and this year will be no exception.  So if you can get to town early, we'll have something for you to do.

Secondly, and you could make an argument that this is the most important facet of the weekend, there will be a race.  A running race.  But hold on, don't get discouraged if you're not a runner, because the 5k event that is part of the weekend is very much frequented by walkers.  Here's the website for more information:

Spinx Run Fest

(Note:  If and when you decide to sign up, for shits'n'giggles, use the team name Mastodon.)

Now if you are a runner, you have about 4 1/2 months to train for either a 5k, half-marathon, or if you're a nutcase like Poker Peaker, a full marathon.  I've participated in this event for the last 2 years and I can honestly say it's very well put together and highly organized.  You'll get a nice shirt, a medallion (but who wears those???), and hopefully a kick ass sense of accomplishment upon finishing.

Other details about the weekend....

Thursday - What would the weekend be without some form of wagering?  The details haven't been ironed out yet, but Thursday will be a night of poker.  We can't promise anything close to the last Mastodon poker experience, but we should be able to put together a decent tournament and cash game.  More to follow on this as the weekend gets closer.  Also, and I shouldn't mention this (but I will), a new location for pre-gaming Proceduring has opened up in town.  At least I've heard.....

Friday - For those who are running the race on Saturday, Friday will be a bit quieter.  This doesn't mean no fun activity though.  We're hoping to focus the day on something fun in downtown G-Vegas proper, ending with a nice carb-loading dinner somewhere.  Again, nothing is finalized detail-wise, but some early thoughts include spending time on Otis' deck with some great food, drink and music.

Saturday - Race day.  It will start early and end late.  Depending on your physical state at the end of the race, there will perhaps be some down nap-time and recovery, followed up with a super sweet dinner somewhere downtown.  Last Mastodon's nice dinner was at Rick Erwins, and that's definitely a candidate for this go-around.  But G-Vegas has more than one nice restaurant so all choices will be considered.  No need to mention the after-dinner downtown drinking stuff.  Who knows what will happen then?

Sunday - If you're still in town for the day, don't forget that this will still be prime time NFL viewing season.  Watching and wagering on the games that day will be at a location conducive to such things.

As you can tell, much of the details are still to be ironed out.  What's set in stone right now though is the date and the race.  So, with that information, clear your calendars for late October and start training.  We're hoping you can make it.  Feel free to email me or Otis for any additional information.

We're ready.