Sunday, March 21, 2004

Big Pots

Well, I was down again, about $60 at a 1/2 table, having 3 straight set flops go belly up against rivered straights. Then I said to myself, "self, these are the players you want in the game."

So, my 4th pair dealt to me flops a set (4,4) but of course along come with it a straight and a flush draw. Well, not again....

Man, 4th time is the charm for everything today. Board pairs a 10, the straight draw becomes open-ended and I walk away with a $43 pot, 4's over 10's.

Then, when I limp in w/7,8 diamonds only to see A,K,4, of diamonds on the flop, I think I may have another pot. But my luck dictates that a 4th diamond will show and someone will be holding the 9,10,J, or Q.

Well, no more diamonds show up, and people chase my flush to the tune of $25. In minutes I'm back even.

I figured out that in my previous foray at the 5/10 tables, such behavior of losing with trips 3 times in a row coupled with roughly a $300 net loss used to throw me for a loop. My play would suffer greatly as I'd become impatient. One time I remember simply moving to a 15/30 table instead. Brilliant! Now, at the 1/2 tables, a $50 loss - equivalent to a $250 loss at the 5/10's - doesn't throw me on tilt. Even more Brilliant!

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