Saturday, March 20, 2004

Definition of the Goal

The key phrase tonight is "This is not my flop." In a 3 1/2 hour time frame at Party Poker at a 1/2 table, I went from being down $87 to up $70. Very decent comeback fueled by tight play and morons who will call a pre-flop raise with J,8 offsuit. God bless them.

I used to think I could play at the 5/10 tables with a limited bank roll. This is no longer true. Perhaps it was never true. Ok, I'm sure it never was. The last 9 months saw me lose a good $2k at these tables, having been up close to $1k at one point. Still, I had too small a bankroll to survive the variation of Texas Hold 'em at those betting levels.

So, my goal is to recoup that large loss at the 1/2 tables.....

Can it be done? Stay tuned.....

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