Wednesday, March 24, 2004

In depth analysis of K,K vs. 6,4

I guess you could say that I get a little peeved when I get rivered by an obviously inferior hand, so I figured I'd analyze my favorite hand from last night. The betting up until the river card is shown is me either raising or betting followed by simple calls by my opponent, who I shall call "Maroon".

Me: Ks, Kd
Maroon: 6c, 4s

Pre-flop, my chances of winning this hand is 82.87% according to some evaluation software that I have. Yet still at this point out of over 1.7 million combinations of boards, there are still 286,560 boards that let him win. I guess he knew that and continued to call me.

Flop comes 6s, 3c, 2d

My chances of winning drop to only 66.46% and now there are only 320 remaining possible combinations that give him the win.

Turn is 10h.

My chances sky rocket back to 79.55% and he has only 9 outs according to my software: 2 sixes, 4 fives, and 3 fours.

River is a 5. Sweet joy. Not.

My software evaluates the result thusly:

Me: %win 0.00
Maroon: %win 100.00

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