Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Tougher on the Weekdays

I'm pretty sure my success on weekend days and limited success and some failures during the weekdays are no coincidence. Last night, I knew I'd be in for a tough session due to the astounding cards I was dealt yesterday. My instincts were proven correct when my KQs got thumped on the river by 7,3 offsuit when the runner-runner straight showed up.

I finished down $32, which isn't to catastrophic. I'm not sure if that small loss will appease the cash-out curse gods, but I sure hope so. I'll have more evidence tonight as I'm sure I'll end up playing during the WTP show from 9 to 11.

I did actually watch Pauly from Tao of Poker play a bit during his WPT qualifier tournament. I couldn't watch too long, but you can read about his attempt at stardom here: Tao of Poker

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