Monday, March 29, 2004

Weekend Update

You know, I told myself not to do it, but I couldn't help it.

I spent the bulk of Saturday and Sunday morning getting my great starting hands busted by people who were just throwing their money at the flop for no apparent reason. AA, AK, AQ, you name it. Crushed. And yes, I let it get to me. I started playing their game instead of mine and found myself down $75 at the 1/2 tables.

Solution #1: Play at the no-limit tables.

Result #1: I put in $25 at 1 table and didn't make much headway. That is, until I had AQ with an Axx flop. Bet decent after the flop and was called by 1 other player. Turn is nothing, and I go all in. Called. River is a J and my opponent is holding AJ. Goodbye $25. So I went to a $50 no-limit table. Basically the same results, and I'm now down $150 for the weekend.

Solution #2: Play at the 5/10 tables.

Result #2: Well, this is exactly the type of behavior I swore off, yet I found myself doing it yet again. This time, the 5/10 betting seemed very steep after over a week of 1/2. So I played tight. As in super-tight. As in walnut-crushing-sphincter tight. The first good hand I was dealt was KQ suited. I lost on the river. But it didn't phase me. I still folded Ax offsuit with x below 10. This paid off when I saw the flop with AJ. The flop was 9,10,Q. At this point, I have a straight draw with A over card. Turn comes A, and 1 other player goes crazy. At first I'm thinking K.J for him, but was willing to see the river. River is trash and I call his next $10 bet. He shows A,5 and I take it down. That's exactly why I really have to be disciplined and throw away those A5, A6, etc. hands. They just win you a little and lose you a lot.

End of story sees me win $265 at the 5/10 table putting me back up $115 for the weekend. Back to the 1/2 tables again for a while.....I hope.

Quest update:

Starting point: -2100
Current point: - 1740

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