Monday, April 12, 2004

Happy Easter

Aw hell, let's just play like we're drunk. --Teddy Ballgame, local homegame player

Due to it being Easter, but mainly due to my wife inviting over another family with 2 boys to run roughshod through my house on Sunday; I felt it would be wise to begin drinking early. One Bloody Mary before the guests arrived and a few more Heinken's during the visit gave me enough tolerance of the goings on to remain moderately content until everyone left.

So why did I find the need to play poker while somewhat inebriated? Well, Iggy does, so it must be OK.

Note to self: When joining an Omaha game, make sure that it's Omaha Hi/Lo before you start playing for the low. I didn't realize that I wasn't at a Hi/Lo table until about 20 minutes into playing. Somehow I was up $20, and it didn't strike me that I hadn't had to split any pots yet. The funny thing is that this is the second time I've done this. Sheesh, what a maroon.

Then I managed to win about $20 more at $1/$2 7-card stud.

Then I managed to lose that and $20 more at $1/$2 7-card stud.

Then I managed to lose $50 at Omaha Hi/Lo.

Then I reminded myself that I should be playing Hold 'em, the game I know best, the game I've been playing decently the last few weeks, the game about which I've tried to read a few books.

Then I won $34 at a $1/$2 Hold 'em table.

Then things felt right again and I noticed I was sober....

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