Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Hollywood Home Game Thoughts

This past Sunday night I was able to finally watch the WPT version of the Hollywood Home game. I hadn't seen this episode before so it was "new to me." Anyway, there were a couple of decent moments of poker playing, but after a while it actually became painful to watch Fred Willard play.

Now, I'll have to give props to Fred Williard, simply for his appearance in "This is Spinal Tap," the greatest Rockumentary of all time. But his poker play was simply awful.

One of the things that either endears me to celebrities or not is the choice of their charity. Norm McDonald, whose brand of humor I think is brilliant by the way, chose to play for a camp for sick kids. Excellent choice. Richard Karn, known for his role as Al on Home Improvement, played for the cancer research center at the hospital that treated his mom for cancer when he was younger. Another excellent choice.

Then there's Lolita Davidovich. I didn't quite catch the exact name of her charity, but she was playing for something with the word Heifer it in. At first, I thought it was some charity to save the cows and was ready to slam her for choosing such an odd charity. But, I figured, I'll do some research on it before I make a rash judgement and tell her to go eat a hamburger. Well, it turns out her charity is pretty decent as it's main goal is to end hunger in impoverished areas. Ok, I stand corrected, good choice for a charity indeed.

Poor Lou Diamond Phillips. Couldn't catch a break with his great starting hands and his professional-level ability to shuffle chips. Must have been a stack of 10 or 12 he was working with, manipulating them like the masters. Oh well.

In the end, Richard Karn took the title and will go to the WPT finals at the end of the season. Good for him. He probably won't last long, but you never know; he did show some level of poker playing competence.

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