Thursday, April 01, 2004

It is the curse

Had probably my worst night at the 1/2 tables yesterday since I began trying to recoup my losses with "better" play. Ugh. Down $98 dropping my bankroll to $317. At least I didn't go on tilt and jump to the 15/30 tables.

The last $32 or so was spent at a table with a buddy I used to play home games with who lives up in Connecticut now. We used to work together when I lived in Massachusetts and all of a sudden last night, he starts chatting with me in the Party Poker chat window. It's almost like he tracked me down. We hopped on another table and shot the shit for about an hour and a half and I played pretty loose.

I have been putting off so many chores around the house that tonight I promised my wife I'd take care of everything. A break from poker might be good for me too, but I doubt that will happen. I've got this nice cold sore which prevents me from "other" activities I could be doing during the evening, but I'm sure none of you want to hear about that. So I'll probably rush through them and end up playing for a while.

One of the "chores" is to shrink about 60 digital images my brother-in-law took on our digital camera and email them to him. Don't see why I can't be playing poker and doing that at the same time. Right? Right.

In home game news, we'll be having a $100 buy-in NLHE tourney this Saturday. I've done reasonbly well in the four that I've played in so far, coming in 6th, 4th, 4th, and 5th out of about 17 people on average. I hope to break into the number 1 spot this time with my new chips we'll be using. It would suck major ass if I got eliminated early and had to wait for the tournament to end to get my chips back. But thankfully ring games break out among those who are eliminated early and I've twice remade over half my buy-in during this time. I'll try to write up a good tourney report and post it on Sunday.

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