Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Not Where I Want To Be

Ok, since nobody guessed the lyrics correctly...(at least Iggy tried)...the answer is...

Megadeth - "Go To Hell"

I even gave the soundtrack to the movie it was in inside the comments. Oh well, I guess there aren't too many metal fans who visit. No problem...

Anyway, I'm stuck here at work fixing a problem I created with the software I develop. Usually I'm pretty on the ball with these things, but a few, OK 4, problems slipped through the cracks this time and I have to fix them pronto. Not only that, but I am the only person in this galaxy that has the capability to do something else totally unrelated to my problems, so I have to stick around and get that done too. Not so good a business model when there's just "One Guy?!?!?!" who can do something that's business critical.

So there it is then.

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