Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Random Shizzle

So I finally got back to the point where I was before I idiotically joined a 5/10 table looking to catch a wave. It only took me 3 weeks of 2/4 playing to recuperate that little debacle.

Thoughts on variation...

Most statistical geniuses will tell you that variation is reduced when the number of samples is increased. In the realm of poker, if you have a positive EV, or a positive $won/hand ratio, then you can reduce your variation (standard deviation) by simply playing more hands. How can you do this without actually spending more time playing poker? Well the answer has been found by many other poker bloggers, but it is simply playing at multiple tables. I've recently began playing at two, count 'em two, tables at once in an effort to reduce variation in bankroll. Anecdotally, this has worked well so far, where the first table I've joined I lost a little, whereas the second table saw me turn enough of a profit to have an overall winning session. I haven't had a session where I've been down at both tables at once.

Thoughts on TV coverage of poker....

I really can't wait for ESPN's WSOP coverage. If it was anything like last year's, I'll be watching it over and over again. Coverage begins June 8th I believe. I've also seen ads on TV for a new season of Celebrity Poker Showdown. To me, there's a huge difference between watching good poker on TV vs. bad poker on TV. I can re-watch any WPT episode or WSOP coverage and enjoy it as if I were watching it the first time. The Celebrity Poker is another story. I actually took it off my TiVo season pass manager because it was simply awful playing. If the celebrities are entertaining enough, I'll watch it; but generally it is one or two decent players playing against celebrities who've learned their skills by watching the Party Poker .50/1 tables.

Thoughts on spouses....

So I'm playing last night trying to get my raked hands total above 150 at Party so I could participate in the nightly Freeroll Tournament. The door to my computer room opens and my wife is there claiming something to the effect that we're overdue for some action, i.e. sexual intercourse. What to do, what to do. I guess I have to close down Party Poker and leave the tables. She's been very tolerant of my playing time there, but still, to interrupt me mid-hand only 38 hands shy of the Freeroll. Talk about a dilemma wrapped in a conundrum. Luckily for her I was up for the evening. Pun intended.

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