Thursday, May 13, 2004

Small Hiatus

I will be heading for the coast, Charleston to be exact, tomorrow and won't be coming back until Sunday. At which point in time, I will promptly get trounced in the World Blogger Tour II Tournament. It will be nice spending some time with the wife by ourselves. Her parents have graciously decided to take care of our two kids for the weekend. We haven't been together alone in two years so this will be nice.

Not much poker stuff to talk about, just played some decent 2/4 tonight and last night. But still haven't made back what I dropped on Monday.

In other news, I finally got a high definition cable box receiver today. Hooked up flawlessly, and even though I only have about 6 channels, the difference in picture is amazing. When I was watching the series finale of Frasier, it was like watching a DVD. ESPN HD is why I signed up for the package. Watched some of the hockey game on it tonight and was awestruck.

Looking forward to the NFL season on ESPN HD. It's real early, but GO PATS!!!!

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