Monday, May 31, 2004

Weekend Wrapup

Had a very nice 3-day weekend. In fact, any day not at work is a fine day, and 3 in a row are hard to argue with.

Plugged away some more at the 2/4 tables with some good success. As you can see to the right, my debt to Party Poker is decreasing with each passing week. I can almost smell victory, not quite like napalm, but close.

While I was online, I managed to give some good luck to the blogger who is a frequent visitor to this lonely blog. Way to go. Outhouse to the penthouse in under 2 minutes only to dominate the last 3 players into submission. Not sure they knew what was coming.

Some mindless dumbass online decided to mock my raise in the big blind with KK, since he had already called UTG. He says to me "That's not going to work. I have a good hand, since I called UTG. You dumbazz." Not only did he spend too much typing to call or re-raise me, I K came on the flop and he soon had to eat his own words. I kept quiet although the temptation to grill his sorry self did cross my mind. No matter, I ended up for that session quite nicely.

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