Friday, June 04, 2004

Hosting the Home Game

Had another bi-weekly home game last night with the usual suspects. For whatever reason, we could only get six attendees, a far cry from the nine we had last time. No matter, as I much prefer the additional elbow room around the table.

Two of the absentees were the notorious flap jaws, constantly talking about whatever may cross their minds - even when they are supposed to be dealing. "Oh, am I still dealing?" they'd say as those still in the hand try to grab their attention by yelling over the noise. The result of these two no-shows was more poker and less chit-chat. Fine by me.

I got off to a less-than-stellar start, losing my first hand of seven card stud as my straight and flush draws didn't pan out, leaving me with a lower two-pair than the eventual winner. Then during a 2/4 Hold 'em deal, I'm greeted by two cowboys in the hole. Checks all around to me and I bet the requisite $2. Fold, fold, fold, fold, fold. Yay. I win the antes on what would be my best starting hand of the night.

One player was on fire last night. Of the six of us, he was the big winner having well over $250 profit by the end of the night. From my perspective, he stole about $70 of it from me. One hand, I'm dealt 10,8 offsuit, but plan on one of my flat out steal attempts. I narrow the field to where it's just me and him and I'm very sure he's on a flush draw with the two hearts that fell on the flop. Granted, I have garbage, and when the 5 of diamonds falls on the river, I continue to bet out. He calls the bet with Q,5 hearts having only paired the 5. I muck and ask him how he could call. I didn't push things since I didn't want to come off as Annie Duke :)

Another hold 'em game sees us two heads up again. He calls all the way to the river with 6,8 off suit and catches his straight when a 5 hits. My pair of K's are decimated. I figure I'll have to start playing garbage too if I want to win any money.

A few hands later, one man's garbage is another man's treasure. My garbage: 6,4 off suit. I pay $3 to see a flop that includes a K,6,2. Another $3 bet, and I call thinking 6's have been good to me lately. Fourth street brings a 6. Schwing! I smooth call the $6 bet to me knowing I'm risking someone catching a flush draw as there are two spades on board. The river is the 8 of diamonds and I raise the $6 bet into me to $12. The flush-chaser folds and I'm called by the original better. My lone 6 holds up nicely for a nice pot.

Because I had been treading water all night constantly shifting between up and down profit-wise, I decide to tighten up quite a bit near the end. I don't see much more action and finish up for the night $62. That was good for the 2nd highest win total as the suckout artist amassed a ton of chips. There was one other person who finished up less than $10 and the three others were losers for the night.

Since today is Friday and I've got cash to spare, that means lunch at Hooters. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Otis has probably been here a few times and can confirm that usually the talent is decent for Friday lunches. Here's hoping today is no exception.

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