Friday, July 30, 2004

Home Game with the Match-o-Matic

The bi-weekly home game has turned into somewhat of a weekly occurance now. Obviously I have no problem with that. While my win last night was not as high as the previous two sessions, it was still in the triple digits, +$116. Looking back on things the morning after, there really weren't too many memorable hands. But, I don't want to disappoint, so I'll relay some of them and try to make them at least sound interesting.

Hand 1: The game is Anaconda. We've got 7 players, so it's deal 7 cards to each player, pass two to the left, one to the right, stand up, sit down, fight, fight fight. After all the passing is done, keep your best 5 hi or low poker hand and set them up to be rolled one at a time. After I pass away some garbage, I'm left with A,K,K,10. The player to my right graciously gives me a K for trips and the player to my left passes me a lone card which turnes out to be a 10. A K's over 10's boat is an extremely playable hand in this game, and knowing that I'm mucking an A gives me a bit of added strength. We are quickly narrowed down to 4 players and it is obvious that there are 3 trying for high and one for low. The low seeking player is showing an A in his hand, one other high player is showing a flush potential and the 3rd is showing A,A,5. It is at this point that I completely forget that I mucked the 4th A. In the back of my mind, I know I have him beat, but can't for sure remember where I saw that
last Ace. So I forget to cap it each turn and don't make as much as I should have. Major brain fart there.

Hand 2: The game is 3/6 Hold 'em. I'm dealt 7,5 offsuit and throw in $3 on a whim, thinking I'd like to see a flop. The flop is J,J,10 with about 4 other callers. What the fuck, I say to myself, and toss in another $3 bet. Folds all around. Of course I show my garbage and win a decent $12. After that little play, it's time to switch gears into tight mode, these folks will call my hands down now for sure.

Hand 3: The game is 5-card stud - Auction. Rather than dealing each player in turn their up cards, each card is offered up in a rotating fashion allowing each player to bid on it. Once you pass on a card, you can't jump back in the bidding. If it's passed around to you, you are stuck with that card but don't have to pay for it. In the spirit of eBay, we have a "Buy-it-now" feature where you can just buy the card offered to you for a set price rather than hope to outbid someone. The game is high/low and the "Buy-it-now" price is $4.
After 4 cards are bid on, I'm showing A,8,5 clubs and have the 4 of clubs in the hole. Based on the other up cards, my plan is to buy the first low card regardless of suit as I would be able to guarantee my low hand. There is another A-high flush in diamonds showing and I can't guarantee my A-8 flush would win. During the last round of bidding, no low cards show up and the diamond flush player buys the K of diamonds for $4 basically nailing the high portion of the pot. Much to my chargin, I'm dealt the 7 of clubs giving me a flush but an unplayable low hand as flushes count against you for the low.
The player showing the diamond flush is known to bluff a lot and I remember him purposefully buying his 1st card, the 8 of diamonds. Why would you buy the 8 of diamonds on the first rounds? Either because you have another 8 or you have another diamonds. From my perspective, the former is more likely, but I just can't make the call. Since there's a round of betting post-declaration, I figure it would cost me an additional $12 to see if I can win half the pot. I choose to lay it down, and properly, the other player doesn't show me what he has. I'll wonder about that hand for a while.

How did the Match-o-Matic do? He only lost about $35 which is not too bad considering he doesn't know any of the playing styles of the other players. One guy went on tilt mode big time and tossed away over $200 chasing down made hands with marginal ones. This player has been losing quite consistently of late, and I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up quitting.

There turns out to be a tournament going on this evening which I weasled my way into. It could be a biggie, perhaps $100 buy-in with over 20 players. We shall see, and as always, you shall read about it.

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