Thursday, July 22, 2004

New Kid on the Block

No, I'm not talking about Donny Wahlberg...

I've only been blogging since this past March, I consider myself to be relatively new to the scene, perhaps even a bit late to the party. So I am always thrilled when those who've been part of this community take the time to either comment on this blog or perhaps mention me in theirs. Even better still is when other bloggers invite you to physically participate in their regular poker games.

There are certain professional players out there who maintain blogs and it's quite a learning experience to read about their insights to the game we all play. One such pro, Paul Phillips, has even replied to a few of my questions I've posted in his live journal blog. While these small bits of text are probably the closest I'll ever come to talking poker with a professional, it's still an honor nonetheless to have one of the current crop of great players personally respond to one of your questions.

I've witnessed other brushes with greatness too. I've seen Wil Wheaton post a comment in Up For Poker's blog. That must be thrilling.

I'm really just rambling here, but I just wanted to take some time to mention how I appreciate the Poker Blogger Community. Glad to see that there's respect both given and earned among the participants.

I really enjoy when bloggers purposefully try to interact with other bloggers. Things like Pauly's contests, Grubby's Hand of the Week, AlCantHang's blogger questions - all fantastic ideas. I hope to come up with a contest of my own sometime so I can give back to the community :)


A few random ideas:

The WPT should have a blogger-only event.

The bloggers should have an annual tournament in Vegas. (I've personally never been)

One day at the WSOP, there should be a final table with 3 or more bloggers.


Just had my home game, I'll have to dedicate a post to it, but I wanted to do a little bragging since I again was the big winner at +$210.

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