Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Random Notes

Tidbits for the passers by...

- Got the old "You're playing too much poker" speech from the wife last night. I played it cool and agreed to tone it down a few notches. I like to think that my poker playing time goes through cycles where I play a lot, then not so much, then ramp it back up. Strangely, her "request" came during another cyclical phenomenon. I'll have to do some research to see if these things are in phase somehow.

- Went to a concert last night with a bud. Sweat my ass off during the headliner's act, HateBreed. Totally drenched in sweat standing next to other similarly conditioned males is not a great way to spend an evening, unless it's in the second row at a metal concert.

- At lunch today, went and purchased the new Lamb of God CD. The checkout guy asked me if I wanted to also purchase The Passion of the Christ DVD. Glad to see humor is alive and well at the mall music store.

- Forgot to mention last week that I got my speeding ticket reduced to only 2 points and $97, down from the original 4 points and $170. A minor victory, but I'll take it.

- I've been thinking about building a poker table top. The online instructions I've seen make it seem rather easy. But given my general skills with power tools, I bet I can fuck it up good fashion.

- Got a DVD burner for the computer but haven't installed it yet. The wife is excited about making videos set to music using pictures from our digital camera. I'm excited about viewing some free porn I downloaded on the 46" HDTV.

- Got nothin' else. Be back later with a report on my home-game tourney held this past Saturday.

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