Monday, October 25, 2004

Brothers in Arms

Got to get in a couple of hours at Party w/Pauly's bro' Derek last night and much fun was had by all.

Derek saw me lose my first buy-in thusly: Holding A,A I raise pre-flop to $3 and get 2 callers. The flop is K-high and had 2 of the same suit, so I go all-in. One folds and the other thinks. I know he has a K and am half-hoping he'll call. Be careful what you wish for. He had K,Q for top pair. Runner-runner K's. Ugh.

So I click to re-load. I double up with a K-high heart flush after I semi-bluffed when an A hit the turn. Someone called my all-in w/A's up, more than likely thinking since I bet the A that I had just top pair. I'm pretty sure that's when Studio_Glyphic hit the rail.

Not too long after, I'm dealt A,A again. Raise to $3 again and again get 2 callers. This time the flop is K,K,Q. It's checked to me and I check too, third player follows suit. The turn is a J and the EP caller bets $4 into me. I call and other guy folds. River is a 9 and the guy bets $14. I couldn't call. Any K and any T beat me. I had to lay down the rockets.

But that's OK, because Nicky and Paris showed up twice in 3 hands helping me get back to over $60 and kept me "up" for the evening.

We spent much of the night harrassing a religious freak, vin_vegas79. I took most of his money on a suckout in the following manner. I raise in EP w/A,Ko and vin_vegas claims "I need the lord's help if I'm going to call you with this hand." The flop is Axx - all hearts. I have top pair and nut flush draw and respond back "Did you get your help?" I bet $4 and he raises me to $8. I go all-in and he calls. Poor bastard did get help, he had 3,4 hearts and flopped a flush. Too bad for him the turn was another A and the river was a K, giving me a boat. Derek told him he should be praising BadBlood now. I was forced to agree.

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