Sunday, October 24, 2004

Hosting the Home Game

Normally, my home game occurs every other Thursday night, during which time it's dealer's choice poker. The limits vary, but the games are generally Hold 'em, Omaha, and various Stud poker games. I wanted to change up the pace a bit and try a night where the only game we'd play would be no limit Hold 'em - basically clone the $25 NL tables at Party for a night.

I participated in such an evening over at Otis' house a couple of weeks ago. It was a grand ole time, but unfortunately for the bankroll, I dropped 3 buy-ins for a -$90 evening. The fun factor was huge so I couldn't complain too much. Two weeks ago, I ended up building my own poker table and was Jonesing to use it. What better way than to host my own version of the no limit Hold 'em game.

I sent out the invites to about 12-15 people, hoping to get somewhere around 8 participants. I ended up getting 7 players, 4 of whom are from my normal home game, 1 who's played a couple of times with us, and 2 from the Otis-realm of Greenville.

Here's a quick pic of the action:

From the left, it's Matty C., Otis, Rocket, BadBlood, and the Rankster. Saterman and G-Rob are out of view.

I believe this pic is an actual live capture of an Otis re-buy, however, I can't confirm....

The play during the night was incredibly fun again. I managed to lose two $30 buy-ins myself before I rebought for only $20. One of my all-ins, A,Qs vs. A,Js of course lost. A,Q became the hand of the night to lose with. Yours truly managed to crack Q,Q twice with a runner-runner flush and a straight on the other hand. Both parties on the losing end failed to bet their hands properly to get me out of the hand. I limped along for a couple of dollars here and there, then dropped the big bets on them in the end. I managed to turn my $20 buy-in back to $214 for a very nice $134 profit for the evening.

All in all, things went extremely well. Nobody even spilled beer on my table, amazing! I hope to host these type of home games on a somewhat regular basis - perhaps every other week or so. It's just too much damned fun.

Even if you lose.

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