Friday, October 29, 2004

Me 'n Otis

Tonight is a big night. 50-player $75 buy-in NLHE tournament. I forwarded information about the tourney to Otis so that he could get a chance to play more live poker, as he mentioned he'd like to do.

Since we're very close to being world class players in our own right (*cough* who said that? *cough*), we thought it would be neat to exchange stakes in each other, just like the pros. It's only 10% though, basically enough for a small profit on our buy-in's if one of us cashes.

I've got a good feeling about Otis' chances in this thing, don't ask why, I just do. I'm in one of those "everything I predict has come true" modes and this is just another one of those hunches. He's been a bit off in his predictions about me for the Blogger tourneys, but I'm blogging this entry right now to prove my prognostication ablities are right up there with that Nostro-whatever guy.

Wish me luck, Otis won't need it, I will.

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