Wednesday, October 20, 2004

My Friend in Misery

I can't help myself. I wasn't going to post anything on what's turned out to be another epic battle between the Sox and the Yanks. I realize that by me posting this, I risk further jinxing the franchise already cursed by decades of disappointment.

Anyway, here's a small glipse into the minds of 2 Sox fans pondering the events of the past 3 days and the upcoming finale in Game 7 tonight:

FellowSoxFan Believe?

BadBlood oy, they're killing me

FellowSoxFan the 8th and 9th were gut-wrenching

BadBlood gay-rod and his gay-swipe. sit your ass down!!!!

FellowSoxFan ha ha

FellowSoxFan some of the boston press is calling him A-Fraud

BadBlood yeah, he knew he was out of line, and now he's saying he should have just run him over.

FellowSoxFan what was that, any way?

FellowSoxFan so bush league

BadBlood no kidding

FellowSoxFan from the $250M man?

BadBlood really. i'm glad we didn't get him. he's kind of a pussy.

FellowSoxFan yeah

BadBlood i still can't believe they're still playing.

FellowSoxFan so it all comes down to derek blowe?

BadBlood lord help us all

FellowSoxFan maybe he can give you 3-4 innings

BadBlood that would be a gift

FellowSoxFan a couple from wakefield?

FellowSoxFan then the usual suspects...

BadBlood weren't we saying lowe could come up big in this series?

FellowSoxFan it can still happen

BadBlood It could be clemens vs. pedro game 1 on saturday even

FellowSoxFan the yanks can still use brown, vazquez, el duque and loiaza tonight

FellowSoxFan so i have to give them the edge

BadBlood you know, those reversed calls reminded me a bit of the tuck rule 2 years ago

BadBlood we never get those calls

FellowSoxFan making the sox a team of destiny like the pats?

BadBlood i hate to say so right now, but kinda

FellowSoxFan i just hope it's not lucy pulling the football away from charlie brown yet again

BadBlood i know, but at least this series evolved into another memorable one and we didn't just get swept

FellowSoxFan if we lose, make it 10-2

FellowSoxFan then i can look back and say how much heart this team showed....

FellowSoxFan just to get this far

BadBlood right, but tonight would be a good night for a laugher

FellowSoxFan i feel so drained from these games

FellowSoxFan i can't get anything else done

BadBlood me too, and there's no break, it's all one night right after the other

FellowSoxFan yes

BadBlood would we have it any other way?

FellowSoxFan nope

BadBlood agreed

BadBlood so how are the bruins doing???? :)

FellowSoxFan very far from good

BadBlood lol

BadBlood alrighty, looks like we'll regroup for tomorrow morning

FellowSoxFan keep on hoping

BadBlood can't do much else

FellowSoxFan talk to you tomorrow

BadBlood k, l8r

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