Saturday, October 02, 2004

Still Here

....but not much to say.

I was thinking there could be a Jeff Foxworthy-like skit somewhere along the likes of:

...If you call a pre-flop raise w/K,6 may be a fish.
...If you call bets down to the river with a T-high may be a fish.
...If you spike a K on the river to beat 2 other people holding J, may be a fish.

Was playing w/ SirFWALGMan and Carter last night which is always fun. Carter got to see me mis-play K,K in a $25 NL ring game. I was on the button and it was folded around to me. I figured a raise at this point would only get me the blinds and I was greedy, so I only called the BB. Of course, the A-high flop sealed Carter's win. I tried a meek $2 bet post turn bet, but he simply called having 2-pair, A's up. I'm publicly thanking him for letting me off easy :) We both finished well up at that table, I only wish I could have stayed longer but alas, there were things I had to attend to.

Playing limit w/SirFWALGMan is also fun. I missed his private table on Thursday due to my home game. Got crap cards all night and finished down $92.

Looking forward to the next blogger tourney on October 21st at PokerStars. I should be there, lest I be square.

And without stealing anyone's thunder, I have a post due about how I used to be called Iggy a long, long time ago.

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