Thursday, October 21, 2004


Just some random thoughts about tonight's tourney.

I will offer up bounties on my head this time as well. First bounty goes to whomever can correctly name the artist and album name from which my avatar comes. There's even a small hint in that last sentence. The prize is the same the one for the bounty below.

The knock-me-out-of-the-tournament-bounty will be similar to the last one, but not the same. The last custom CD focused on Blood. This one will focus on Pain and Killing.

1. The Haunted - One Kill Wonder (Get this CD now)
2. Arch Enemy - Let The Killing Begin (Johan Liva era)
3. Judas Priest - Painkiller (Last CD w/Halford until the next one)
4. Helloween - I Live For Your Pain (Euro-power-rockers)
5. Kreator - Some Pain Will Last (Under-estimated classic stuff)
6. Pro-pain - The Truth Hurts (Don't hold being from NY against these guys)
7. Slayer - Here Comes The Pain (Where is Brock Lesnar?)
8. Sum41 - Pain For Pleasure (kidding)
9. Megadeth - Kill The King (Decent stuff from mega-Dave)
10. Children of Bodom - Angels Don't Kill (New and good)
11. Himsa - Kiss or Kill (Excellent choice)
12. Motley Crue - Looks That Kill (Old school classic)
13. Agony Scene - Paint It Black (Stones song done right)
14. Pro-Pain - Don't Kill Yourself To Live (Words to live by)

Good luck to everyone. I'm going to be clicking fold unless I have the goods or the HAMMER!

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