Saturday, November 06, 2004

But, I played the Perfect Tournament

(drunken post follows)

The setting: local hotel - $100 buy-in NL tournament - 17 players
Payout is 60/30/10

Cut to the chase: I finished 9th

I played 5 hands - as any seasoned poker veteran would have.

Hand 1: 1st hand of the tournament, blinds are 1/2, I'm dealt Q,Q. Raise to $7. Two callers. Flop is K-high, but I'm 2nd to act. It's checked to me, I bet another $7 - folded all around.

Hand 2: A,K - I bet 6x BB to $12. 1 caller. Flop is J,J,T. He bets into me. I fold at the river when no help comes.

Hand 3: T,T. I'm kind of short-stacked. Post turn, the board shows 8,4,4,6. I'm all-in. I double up against moron holding 8x when the river doesn't bring him any help.

Hand 4: 6,6. I limp to see a flop - 6,9,T. Two clubs. Pot sized bet yields one caller. Turn is a 4. Pot sized bet - call. River is K of clubs. Caller now bets into me. I call just to see his rivered flush. I'm crippled.

Hand 5: K,K. I'm very short-stacked. All-in pre-flop. Called by A,Q. I predict an A on the flop and am met with my doom. Flop is A,T, 8 and I get no help.


Down $100 on a tournament basically played as best as possible. Am I fucking pissed?


Do the strippers at Nepals give two-shits about how well I played?


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