Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Just a quick post to give a shout out to Dick at BuyitinVegas for his generosity in hosting the live WPBT on December 11th. Not only allowing us to play at Sam's Town Casino live, but also giving us a great deal on room rates is greatly appreciated by this here blogger.

As I was browsing BuyitinVegas, I saw his post on a new poker forum, www.talkingpoker.com. I signed up since it is one of the few forums that currently gets past my corporate web proxy filter and I need even more distractions to prevent me from doing my job. It has an interesting twist where the forum owner will pay you to post. Obviously it has to be real content, but interesting nonetheless.


I was wondering if anyone else is interested in getting MaudieB's chip design made into a real chip. Preliminary research indicates that it can be done, but would cost roughly $1/chip with a minimum 500 chip order. That's not really an amount I'm willing to go it alone on given the fact that my wife would kill me and nobody would ever see the chips.

I'd be interested in contributing towards, even organizing, a pool of people who want to split up a set. I'm open to any suggestions, they might be neat to have as a chip protector for the live WPBT event.

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