Thursday, December 16, 2004

Day 1 - Part 2

Editors Note: I forgot to mention that prior to the Luxor tournament, I had the honor of meeting fellow bloggers Mas, Felicia, and Glenn. Mas appeared to be a very laid back, cool person, I could easily hang, drink and play cards with him any time. I also thought that Glenn was laid back as well. Felicia…not so laid back :) She was great though, it’s actually quite refreshing to talk to someone who so easily shares her opinion. Even if she’s wrong about me being gay.

…As Otis and I made our way to the Excalibur poker room, we agreed that it was imperative that we page Dr. Pauly, just as he requested. The card room manager had a slight accent so it kind of came out as if he said “Paging Dr. Pauliss.” Oh well, didn’t matter, the blogger table all got up to come greet us. It was Pauly, Derek, AlCantHang, Mrs. AlCantHang, BoyGenius, and Daddy from SnailTrax.

Their table seemed rockin’ and since there were no seats available, I joined the $100 NL ring game. I was here to test my mettle. I won’t get into too much detail here, but after a failed bluff at the hammer that cost me $50 (Damn Cowboys can’t lay down top pair even with the flush draw on board) I ended the session up $184. Unfortunately it would go down hill from there.

One hand to note though: Daddy sat down to my left and raised pre-flop. I had 8’s in the hole and called. The flop was 2,3,4. I checked and Daddy went all in for about $88. I paused and realized there were just too many hands to which I was an underdog to call. He could easily have 9’s, 10’s, or even J’s to make that kind of bet. I mucked and Daddy later told me he had A,K. Great bet on his part, even if I called he still had 10 outs.

Felicia got the card room to deal an Omaha/8 game for all us bloggers and a random few players who also wanted to play. I bled away about $75, but didn’t really mind. It was just too damn fun to hang with these guys. It was here at this table that I accomplished one of my Vegas goals: Share a shot of SoCo with AlCantHang. Quite smooth going down, it was of course a doubleshot.

While we were playing O8, an older woman sat down to my right. Blonde-ish hair, glasses. More than one of us thought it could have been Maudie playing a trick on us, sitting down and not announcing herself. This woman even inadvertently took a sip of Al’s SoCo which would have made the story even better. Alas, it was not her, as the real Maudie arrived to much revelry. Hugs all around for one of the most courageous bloggers of the group.

Not long after, the O8 table broke as Al, Felicia and others went to eat some sushi. I couldn’t do it, my protein has to come from land-walking animals. I also like things cooked.

I dropped some more cash at the $2-6 spread game when I only won one hand in about 2 hours. It was then that my body began to shut itself down. It was about 10pm local time, but I’d been running on 3 hours of sleep in the past 48. I grabbed a room key and hit the sack. I managed to grab about 6 hours of sleep and awoke at 4AM. Little did I know what was in store for me downstairs…

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