Saturday, December 18, 2004

Day 2 - Part 2

We last left off the tale with our hero completely inebriated and having a rollicking good time at Sherwood’s Forest. Big Mike of AlCantHang fame rallied the troops into a stretch limo, I can’t honestly remember getting inside of it, but I do remember the trip over to Sam’s Town. How could I not? After bestowing upon Al some heavy metal schwag, we managed to get some old school rare metal into the CD player of the limo.

I was confident pretty much nobody knew what songs were being played perhaps save Al and Eva. So I was happy to offer a $100 bounty to whomever could name any song that was being played. The first was Agony Column’s “God, Guns and Guts” a true rare classic, followed up by Annihilator’s “Alice in Hell.” I believe we got about half way through song 3, Coroner’s “Masked Jackal” before those who were more sober and not used to such metal masterpieces regained control of the stereo. Still, watching Al headbang out the window of the limo and throw some horns out to random early morning Vegas-ites was worth every minute.

Upon arriving in Sam’s Town, G-Rob and I had to take care of some business. My bladder was in dire straights, so much so, that I could literally barely stand up straight. I believe our male readers know the feeling. Finding a restroom was imperative, lest I seriously wet my pants right there. I’m not sure Evelyn Ng would talk to me with a big urine stain in my crotch.

After taking care of my duty, G-Rob and I made it to the meet and greet. Here’s where I get to offer my sincere gratitude to the PokerProf, Flipchiro, Pauly, and Dick for setting this little thing up. I didn’t feel too comfortable schmoozing around, but I did managed to get Charlie Shoten to sign my complimentary Poker Aces book. Charlie’s a great down-to-earth guy and I really enjoyed talking to him. I was basically too star-struck to talk to anyone else, especially Marcel Luske and the lovely Evelyn Ng. Maybe next time. Yeah right.

As we made our way downstairs to play in the tournament, I was hoping I’d do myself justice and do well. Things started off the right way with G-Rob dropping the hammer the first hand at our table. I chipped up pretty early with some decent hands like A,J and A,Q catching the flops.

As noted in Glenn’s blog, I was crippled after Linda went all in with 6,6 and Al called with A,Q. I looked down to find pocket Cowboys and went over the top all-in. Of course Al had to call and caught his A on the flop. I still think I made the right play but just got a bit unlucky. Being very shortstacked, I went all-in with K,9 hearts only to get called by one of Otis’ crew, Marty, holding A,Q of the same suit. I got no miracle and got bumped in 20-something place.

G-Rob, having also been bounced, and I headed off for a little blackjack while the tournament finished up. I dropped a quick $50 and went back to the poker room and put my name on the 4/8 list. I got a seat next to Jeffery from CheckNRaise poker and we had some good conversation while the tourney wrapped up. I love the card topper we got and can’t wait to see the jackets. Eventually, I’ll get my money into CheckNRaise poker and check it out properly.

After Felicia won the tournament, we regrouped and headed back over to the Excalibur for dinner. I certainly had no idea there was to be a Felicia-led stud lesson/talk going on after the tournament, otherwise I would have eagerly listened in. Perhaps that’s my biggest regret of the trip is how that generous offer from her got bungled. I certainly hope she doesn’t take it personally.

I had dinner with Daddy, Pauly, Derek, and Maudie and as Pauly’s blog mentions, we got to talk about non-poker related stuff and actually got to know each other a little bit better. That was a whole bunch of fun. Next trip, I’d like to have more time to do more of that. These bloggers are good people.

After dinner wound down, I eventually made my way back to the Excalibur poker room and sat back down at the $100 NL table. I ended up putting a hammer bounty at the table so that if anyone won a pot by showing down the hammer, they’d get $5. I’m not as generous as the Grub.

One hand in particular stands out. I had A,T suited and simply limped in. The flop was 7,7,2 and thoughts of bluffing the hammer filled my head. Bill Rini, sitting at the table too, gazed in my direction. I could have sworn I saw a glimmer in his eye and chose to check the flop. I had a hunch he had the hammer. I folded to a bet and saw Bill split the pot with someone holding 7,J when a second 2 hit the turn. Bill did in fact have the hammer and I tossed him a $5 chip. I vowed I’d drop the hammer sometime this trip, but just haven’t had the right opportunity.

I ended up calling it a night not soon after, retiring my hammer shirt for the trip. Shameless plug: Hammer shirts are available here. They even have ones with sleeves.

Next to come…sports book betting, 2 worst beats of the trip and off to the Bellagio.

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