Saturday, December 25, 2004

Happy Holidays

I hope everyone reading this is having a wonderful holiday season. Those of us in the BadBlood home have been more than fortunate this year. I truly feel blessed (who said that?) to be able to provide my family such a great Christmas season. The mini-Blood's are at the age where Christmas is a magical experience. It's such a treat see their faces as they open each gift...

I've got a bit of a backlog of posts I need to make, been too busy.

Just a few tidbits:

- I have to write and post my retrospective on erasing my online debt
- I received a complimentary copy of Matthew Hilger's "Internet Texas Hold 'em" in exchange for doing a review on it. I've just began to read it and thus far would have to say it is a very solid book.

And right now, at 9:44AM on Christmas, there are 17,000 people playing on Party Poker. What would Jesus say?

"All-in, baby!"

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