Tuesday, January 04, 2005

All Jacked Up

I hadn't played at a blogger table for a couple of weeks. I hadn't even intended to last night either, having just finished watching Vegas with the Mrs. I went back to check on the computer when a certain Dr. had IM'd me about a blogger table in action. I figured I'd get on the waiting list and if a spot didn't open up in about 10-15 minutes, I'd head off for sleepy time.

Someone finally went broke and there I was. The first hand of the evening proved ominous as I was dealt J,4 - the newly christened "JackHammer." Nobody raised the flop and I got to see it for free. Hey, I caught a piece of the 7,4,T flop. Daddy bet out about $2 and I had to call. Good thing, since a J hit the turn. Daddy bet out again, this time I think it was $6 and again I called. The river brought a blank and Daddy, who is by the way a FEARLESS player, bet out $8. I told him to go read my blog about the JackHammer and re-raised all-in. He folded and stupid me forgot to show it down, but it was nonetheless the JackHammer.

Then things got even more interesting.

I'm dealt pocket 6's and limp in UTG. Jason's at the table, so I'm feeling pretty good about this hand. The good Dr. raises the blinds to $3.72. Ah-ha! I smell hammer so I had to call. The flop is A,3,4 of spades. I check and Pauly pushes. Now I'm in the tank. I have to figure he's got at least one spade, but I doubt he has two. I figure that gives him 11 outs, 9 spades and 2 non-spade 7's. That puts me ahead, but I'm still very reluctant to call since I know Pauly often times pushes with monsters. Since it's a blogger table, I call.

The turn is a 6 giving me a set. Unfortunately, it's also a spade, giving Pauly his flush. The river is a 3 to pair the board and allowing me to suck out on Pauly's Hammer.

I figure I can use Pauly's telegraphed bet to my advantage later on.

Later on comes in the form of pocket T's. I raise to $2.72 giving the appearance of holding the hammer. My intentions, quite honestly, were to fool some of the non-blogger crowd at the table, so I was a bit surprised to see the FilmGeek call my bet. The flop is A-high with rags, so I check. FilmGeek pushes and I'm thinking he thinks I have the hammer and will push with anything. So I call.

Turns out FilmGeek had the hammer too, hoping he could bluff out the hammer with the hammer. That would have been awesome. What wasn't so awesome was busting FilmGeek with what I feel was a bit of devious play. I truly did feel bad and vowed to make it up to him at the next blogger tournament, wherever, whenever that may be.

And trust me, I do follow through - I've sent Bounty CD's to both Maudie and the reader who busted me out of WPBT V. I also did bring Al his Slayer DVD and metal mixes at Vegas. I'm not 100% sure yet what it will be, but I will make ammends.

Blood out.

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