Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Following up on the heels of Pauly's recognition as Blog of the Week over at Card Club on Lord Admiral Radio comes word that yours truly has received the same honorable distinction.

I downloaded the broadcast from their site and was pleasantly surprised. Cincinnati Sean and Brent Stacks do a great job, producing a quality show that is both enjoyable and informative. This blog is featured in Episode 9 - Return of the Attack of the Clone Jedi Sith Lords (Yoda's Lust).

I'll have to give thanks to the PokerProf for the honorable mention he gave me for Geekiest Blog as that's how this blog was discovered by the boys at Card Club.

Again, thanks for the mention in your webcast guys. I look forward to downloading the older shows and catching up as well as listening into next Sunday's show.

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