Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I'm A Travelin' Man

Did I just quote a Ricky Nelson song?!?!

Looks like I'll be travelling for the company next week to Houston. I'm posting about it to see if anyone in the area knows of any "must-see" locations a guy like myself should visit. I'm not sure what kind of free time I'll have, most likely only Monday night and Tuesday night for only a short period of time.


In other news, there is a small chance I'll also be travelling for the company to Graz, Austria the week of March 7th. Oddly, that coincides with a certain blogger's coverage of the EPT. That would be nice as Graz is only a couple hours drive to Vienna.


That same guy sat down last night with me at a Full Tilt Razz table. We need to get a blogger table playing Razz some time guys. It's a game where it's actually good to have the hammer.


Mrs. Blood was playing in a $5 SNG last night. When she lost with 2-pair against a flush, the winner of the hand typed "lol" in the chat space. Did that ever piss her off. She called me at work to tell me what jerks people are online. Baptism by fire.

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