Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A Lemming Again

Just so I can be one of the cool kids, I booked my room for the WPBT in June at the Plaza. Mrs. Blood is about 95% certain she's going, that'll turn to 100% once the flights are purchased. So with at least the hotel reservations made, I can begin to think about my list of "must do's" for my return trip to the epicenter of debauchery.

In no particular order:

- Extract revenge at Mandalay Bay's $200NL buy in ring game. Yeah that's right, no more 2 and 3 outers on the river.
- See a show with the Mrs., she wants to see some Cirque show. I figure why the hell not?
- One more nice dinner with whomever wants to join us, perhaps at the Palms 9's restaurant, but I'm open to suggestions
- More poker at the Bellagio - just too classy a place to ignore
- Roller coaster ride, BEFORE I eat anything (there's a story there....)
- 1-3 spread at Excalibur w/the Mrs. and some other bloggers
- A shot of SoCo w/the Al-meister. Duh. Like that won't happen.
- 95% sure I won't be going to a strip club, that'll turn to 100% once the flights are booked
- Meet some more pros and hope they remember that idiot who wore a sleeveless hammer shirt
- Get sloppy drunk at 8am. Again.

I'm sure I'll think of more as the weeks move along.

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