Saturday, April 02, 2005


First off, congrats to SirWaffleHouse and Tommy-the AxeMan for falling for my April Fool's story, if only temporarily. It was a spur of the moment thing inspired by DoubleAs cool prank post.


So it's Friday night, feeling right, friends out on the beach tonight...err scratch that, it's just Friday night. I'm tooling around online as the Mrs. is finishing up the dishes. I'm pretty tired, so I'm more than willing to forego a night of online shennanigans or G-Vegas bar hopping for a quiet night in. We even have plans for a babysitter for Saturday night, so I figure I've got some decent marital points coming to me.

At about 10pm, that local TV superhero G-Rob IM's me about some real live action poker in town. A very predictable chemical reaction in my brain occurs as I delve through various scenarios involving joining this live game vs. burning the marital capital I was building up.

Not soon after, Mrs. Blood joins the IM fray, giving G-Rob the requisite hard time. After a few sarcastic barbs are thrown about, G-Rob reveals that former local TV superhero Otis will be at this game. The chemical reaction intensifies. I'm in a battle of short term EV fun vs. long term EV marital bliss.

G-Rob, like the tides of the ocean, wears down the Mrs' defenses and she actually concedes the battle, telling me I can go. What an overbet that was! I've been playing the poker game of marriage for close to 9 years. I've got a good read on the Mrs. That concession, my friends, was a STONE COLD BLUFF.

I came over the top all in, and simply IM'd G-Rob that I couldn't make it. UpforPoker crew be damned. (Secretly I was dying inside, but that's what marriage is, a slow, numbing death.)

Kidding :) It's not April 1st anymore :) :) :)

So I retired early, missing out on some live poker action. But my stack of marital chips is a bit higher this morning. I may need those chips someday.

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