Tuesday, April 12, 2005

News 'n Notes

Please excuse the lack of images. I'm hosting my own images and using dns2go's service to map my dynamic address to my machine. For some reason, each time my IP changes and I change my Apache configuration, it screws up the virtual hosts I have set up. Thus you see these non-images. PokerProf can translate this stuff for anyone who doesn't know what this means.


Finished my Empire bonus whoring this week. Poker playing net: +$200, combined w/$150 bonus and I'm quite content. Two-tabling the 50NL tables seems to do the trick for me as far as quickly clearing a bonus.


New Party and Empire software is out. One long overdue feature is the ability to reserve your spot at a SNG rather than randomly click seats in hopes nobody else has a faster trigger finger.


I also took a look at the Party WSOP step SNG's. Figured why the hell not? Seems like $12 can get you a decent amount of play time if you're decent at SNG's. I like to think I am. But I think a lot of things that aren't necessarily true.

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