Monday, May 30, 2005

Medusa and the Money

Here's a running spewage about my Memorial Day $30+3 MTT on Party. 960 entered which surprised me. Apparently I'm not the only one with a day off today.

40 minutes in, I've played about 0 hands. Finally, I get AK on the button. Amidst 3
limpers (T30), I make it T150 ala Dan Harrington's recommendations. I get called by the BB and 1 limper. The flop is AJ7, BB checks, limper min-bets (sheesh) and I push. BB calls, limper folds. BB shows AJ and I'm cursing. River is a K!!! That never happens.

I'm shot to above average and can play some poker. 960 started and already 300 are gone.

Got rivered when I played AKs vs J7s when a club hit the river. J7s calls a 6x BB raise and then calls off all his chips on a draw. What can ya do? It's the break, half the players are out and I've played only about 6 hands, AK, AK, AK, AA, QQ, and 9Ts. The high pocket pairs only bought me the blinds and I won the biggest pot with 9Ts when I caught my nut straight. A flush draw squelched the betting, but winning the amount I won was fine.

13xBB now with 292 left. Avg. is 3300 and I'm at T1900. Need some cards soon, but no need to go crazy.

9.5XBB, 249 left. Avg. is 3850, still at T1900, I need to double up to get back to average.

6X BB, 210 left. Avg. is 4600, at T1200 - on comes Medusa, and I pick a hand to go with.

Survive the BB with J5o as it's folded to me. Medusa in action? 200 left, 100 pay.

2.5BB, 174 left, have never seen such a dry run of cards. Ever. I will probably have to pick my 1st Ace and go. Haven't seen an Ace in an hour.

I pick K7d. 2 callers, flop is 35T, no diamonds. 1 caller bets out the other with pocket 2's. River is a 7!!!! T2550. Unreal.

6.5XBB, on break 159 left. Avg. is 6000, I have T2550. Medusa!!!!

Made a tough laydown. A5o in the BB and 5 people see a flop of 235clubs. SB min bets and there's just too many people left to act behind me so I fold. The min bet takes it down.

A3o in LP, all-in for a steal. I fold pocket 2's next hand because two consecutive all-in's increase the odds of getting called. I really don't want to be called with that hand so I fold. 148 left.

Pocket T's after 1 limper in MP. Medusa!!!!! Big stack is thinking, calls w/76. I flop a set and win. She's starin' at you....with her eyes!!!!

Folded KQ UTG, after reading Harrington, I really don't like that hand in that position.

12.75XBB, 137 left. AVg. is 7000, I have T5100. Room to play again. Even at this stage of the game, I'm seeing really bad play. Someone called off 3/4 of their chips and folded post-turn. He was the J7s guy from above. He finished 130th.

Hurt in a battle of the blinds. 78 vs 62. I turned an 8, he rivered a 3rd 2. Ugh. T2700.

A7. all in. Blind steal. 6XBB, 121 left. 116 left. Still seeing unimaginable bad play. I can only say "Wow." to some of this. 66 putting someone else all-in on a board w/2 Aces after getting raised on the turn.

This is harvest time for sure, but you need the tools to do it (cards) and I haven't seen much still. Medusa still blares....

4XBB, 111 left. Avg. is 8600, I have T2400. Great, 110 left and it's hand-to-hand.

3XBB, 110 left. Avg. is 8700, I have T2400. Still hand to hand. On my table an AK beats an 88 with an A on the river. 108 left. 107 left. 105 left. 104 left.

1.5XBB 103 left. Laughable....

102 left. I just got the button, so I have a snowball's chance here. Fold A3 in LP.

101 left.

IN DA $$$. Thanks to Anthrax.

96th place after I push w/KQs lose to pocket 4's. Massive $10 profit. Massive I tell ya.

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