Wednesday, May 18, 2005

You're What?

I have a post with some pictures coming, but first, this Blood Family Interlude:

The scene is a nightly Chip Challenge(tm) at the Table of Blood. We start off 4-handed and with 8 chips apiece. After the first hand where I DOMINATE miniBlood with trip 5's against his middle pair, he gives me that sly look that only a 5 year old can, and says "Daddy, you're BadBlood."

Now, I'm not sure if I've ever referred to myself by that moniker in his presence. Rather than hide his heritage from him, Mrs_Blood and I tell him that he has been and forever will be, miniBlood.

The game is resumed, but not without some verbal wrangling with our daugher who feels somewhat left out of the Blood name game. After appeasing her with miniMrs_Blood, we resume the Chip Challenge(tm).

miniBlood's chips are getting low and he seems to feel he is playing poorly.

"Daddy, I'm not miniBlood," he says.

"I'm shitty Blood."

Jaws drop, play stops, and lest I think I'm hearing things, I ask him to repeat himself.

"I'm shitty Blood, Daddy. I'm not playing good."

Well, that put an end to that night's Chip Challenge(tm) rather quickly. After an explanation about proper table etiquette and language, miniBlood learns that shitty and blood aren't quite meant to go together no matter what the circumstances.

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