Saturday, June 18, 2005

He Listens

BG has spoken to him. I have to believe he speaks the truth. Witness the following:

* I find myself at the Table of Blood(tm) in a 6 person SNG, winner take all. I'm heads up with a local shark only known as Ice-T. She's good. Ask her husband Otit. I have her outchipped and she goes all-in pre-flop with pocket 2's. I call with AQ and catch my Ace on the flop. The turn is meaningless. I'm dealing the cards and stupidly verbalize this exact sentence: "Don't worry, you'll catch your 2." River is a two and I go on to lose. Thanks for listening.

* Another local tournament at casa de "Frank the Tank." I'm a bit shortstacked and push with pocket 6's. The Axeman, another local soon-to-be-pro, calls with AK, a very sensible move. The flop is TT8. I verbalize this exact sentence: "Well an 8 fucks me." The turn is an 8, and The Axeman eliminates me and goes on to victory.

* Lest you think even the pros are immune, I submit the following: In the Foxwoods WPT event where Tuan Le went on to take a most improbable victory, both opponents who went into hands with better cards (Berman's KK vs Le's AK and Temp's hand that could have eliminated Le near the end) wished Le "Good luck." Well, duh. Luck came and Le won. Don't wish your opponent good luck. Wish him pain, suckouts and a bad rash. Perhaps a boil or two. Just not luck.

* The scene again is the Table of Blood(tm). The combatants are G-Rob and papaBlood, making a special appearance at a no-limit table for the first time. After the flop, G-Rob puts papaBlood all-in holding AJ on an AJx flop. papaBlood is holding AQ and has only 3 outs. G-Rob verbalizes this exact sentence: "Well I'll be real disappointed if a Queen comes." Much to G-Rob's surprise a Queen did come. On the river.

Don't mess with Poque.

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