Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Last Rambling Post Pre-Vegas

Sometimes I ask myself questions. Why did I come to work today? Why didn't I tack on an extra day of vacation? Why did I play poker until 2AM last night (this morning) with other G-Vegas degenerates (read G-Rob and Otis)? Some things are better left unanswered I guess.

So here's some more dribble to pass the time as I watch the clock tick. Oh yeah, gotta change the work calendar to June today. Whew. That was work. I'm done for the day. Too bad I have to remain seated here for 7 more hours.

I'm going to take some advice from the Master (read Dr. Pauly) and bring a notepad and pencil to the Vegas trip. I'll be able to jot down some notes to help fill in the blanks so that when I return, I can have some semblance of trip report ammo.

While I anticipate this trip will be different, I still anticipate it being a great time. One key difference is that Mrs_Blood will be tagging along. She'll help keep me grounded which will help me avoid playing Too Much Poker(tm) like I did last time.

One of my regrets, believe it or not, was playing too much poker vs. socializing more with some Internet Celebrities (read ACHE). Having the Mrs along for the ride should force me to consider other options.

I also regret not bringing my digital camera along with me. I had no real place to carry it, and I felt awkward holding it in a casino. I'll have a back pack with me, as I did in Vienna, so that I'll have such handy-dandy items at my disposal. You may not call me Dora the Explorer.

If I grab a picture of you, I will of course ask permission prior to posting it to various micropenis websites (read Bob).

I have a minor itinerary, which basically coincides with the one you'll see at UpForPoker. Unless a miracle occurs, I'll have some free time during the day on Friday to do some random touristy things. The Mrs wants to go see some M&M factory, 'cause you can get colors there you can't get anywhere else. That's important.

I'll be there for HORSE on Thursday night. We played some 2/4 HORSE last night at Garage de Otis and it was fun. And fucking frustrating playing Razz. Did I mention that? Thought so.

Oh yeah, some sage poker advice. When you're up over 1 buyin at NLHE, and some bozo wants to change the game to limit HORSE, DON'T DO IT!!!! Three straight riverings took away my profit. Bastards! Good thing it was all in good fun, or I'd have gone on tilt and began to pout.

Otis graciously allowed anyone who busted him down to the felt to put their hand in his Bag-o-Poker-Schwag(tm) for some PokerStars stuff. The Mark managed to do it twice, the last time being the most unlikely. It's 7-card stud, eight or better. Four of us see 7th street and The Mark scoops with a pair of 8's. No low qualified. Nice way to end a fun evening/morning.

Some random trip expectations:

- Unlikely: Winning a 1-table satellite to event #2 on Thursday
- Most likely: Bubbling out in 2nd of a 1-table satellite to event #2 on Thursday

- Unlikely: Coming home a winner from Vegas
- Most likely: Mrs_Blood winning more money than me

- Unlikely: Meeting Gus Hanson, challenging him to a bench press contest and winning $10,000
- Most likely: Meeting Drizztdj and having him out arm-wrestle me, sending me home in shame

- Unlikely: Winning the WPBT Aladdin tourney
- Most likely: Finishing in the middle of the pack and playing BlackJack with G-Rob

- Unlikely: Perfectly blending poker in with everything else and keeping Mrs_Blood happy
- Most likely: Pissing off Mrs_Blood when she peeks at my pocket Aces, they get cracked, and I blame her for being a jinx because I'm too drunk to shut my pie hole

- Unlikely: Winning event #2 and parlaying the winnings into Negreanu's high-stakes headsup challenge at the Wynn
- Most likely: Losing a buy-in at 4/8 at the Wynn

BB out! And about! See you all soon.

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