Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Got Nothin'

Still hanging around, but with so much going on in the poker world, there just hasn't been too much to post about. So I post about nothing. As Spock would say, "That's logical."

I'll bring this up again after the WSOP madness dies down, but I'm looking for a potential partner for my Fantasy Football League. I'm looking for someone in the NorthEast of the USA since the draft takes place in Massachusetts. I used to fly back up for the draft and spend time at Foxwoods while I was up there. I'm looking to actually spend a weekend at Foxwoods and take a break on Friday night for the FFL draft then head back down to Foxwoods to finish out the weekend. Poker + fantasy football = teh win!

Played some .5/1 Stud8 w/G-Rob last night. Quite a donk-fest. Once I un-donked myself, I managed to turn a nice 30BB profit at the table. It was a nice break from the hold 'em thing.

I'm also pondering another trip to Vegas, pre-WPBT. I've mentioned to some people about a potential trip in the October time frame that coincides with the Bellagio's Fiesta del Lago event. I'm not 100% sure I'll be going, but if I make some bankroll improvements between now and then, I could possibly swing it.

Let's see...what else?

Oh yeah, my fucking roof leaks. This is the 3rd roof leak in the 6.5 years I've lived down here. Roof leaks are fun kids.

In perhaps the greatest metal lineup ever assembled, the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, SC will host the following bands on September 1st: In Flames, The Haunted, Shadows Fall and Arch Enemy. Pretty sure I'm gonna get there by hook or by crook and do some head bangin' Anyone else up for a road trip metal festival, let me know.

I'm hosting this Thursday's home game. Certain bloggers have been left out of the dial-a-shot madness and will regret ever mentioning so. You know who you are.

One thing you can say about Pauly - he didn't drop the ball. He was given an opportunity and he just ran with it. He's still running. On our little game's brightest stage, he's making all the other coverage pale in comparison. Otis not withstanding, of course.

So AlCantHang gets random chicks to create blogs and show the world their boobies. If that's not Internet Celebrity status, I don't know what is.

Not much to update about the miniBloods. Summer vacation is treating them well, they're spending most of their days at the pool with Mrs_Blood. Tough life. I sit here all day pretending to work so they can play all day. Where's the justice???

In the comment section on that obnoxious post with me flexing, G-Rob mentions something about Mr. Solaris. Here's the story behind that. Two years ago, the wife and I went to Cancun for a much needed vacation. I love being able to drink for free. In a pool. I spent most of the time swimming up to the bar, ordering two margaritas and relaxing. We were staying at the Royal Solaris Hotel and each day they'd do some different activities and contests at the pool to liven things up. One day an extremely hot chick who worked at the hotel told me I needed to compete in the "Mr. Solaris" contest. Just as an FYI - when I drink a little (or a lot) and hot chicks ask me to do something - I just do it. It's some kind of programming in my brain that exists, like an instinct or something. So I did whatever I was told and the audience in the pool voted me the winner. For the rest of the trip, anytime someone who was at the pool that day saw me, they shouted "Hey, it's Mr. Solaris." I immediately flexed and did my Arnold voice for them. I'm such an idiot. But I can't help it.

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