Friday, July 22, 2005


...all I ever wanted...

Dude, like, that's a song from the GoGo's. Sorry.


There was a home game last night, but I won't have time to give it a proper right up. G-Rob was there and will perhaps do it some justice.

Hi/lo lights:

1. Me - QQ, G-Rob - KK - all in preflop. KK holds up.
2. Me - bluffing, MattyC - busted draw - calls a $20 river bet with 10-high. He won.
3. G-Rob vs. BB head to head. G-Rob started with $101, BB started with $44. If my ATs doesn't split the pot with G-Rob's A6o - I'd have taken all his money. Sleep dictated I quit while I was still ahead.


I'm off to Myrtle for a while - not sure what kind of access I'll have - so keep the blogfire burning while I'm away. Oh yeah, if you're in the area, Nepals is having their anniversary party this Saturday. I don't leave until Sunday. Do the math.

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