Thursday, August 04, 2005

Austin Suckout

I never got around to posting about my WPBT suckout against the lovely Austin April back in June at Aladdin's. Why write about it now you say? You will see, you will see.


With the blinds 100/200, I'm UTG and look down at two black kings. Pocket Hellmuths. Sa-weet I think to myself. I want to chase out any A-rag hands so I bump it to 800. I thought about a limp re-raise, but it was early and I didn't have a good read yet on all the players.

April was shortstacked herself and this raise would put her all-in. She happily called and unfortunately for me nobody else entered the pot. I got a T100 chip back and we flipped our cards. So proud I was of my KK that the sight of her pocket rockets nearly blew me away.

If the sight of them didn't, then the flop certainly did. AKx. We both flopped our sets and the table erupted. I did notice that there were two spades on board and a glimmer of hope rose as a third one hit the turn. Would this be a suckout of massive proportions?

Sadly for April, a spade hit the river and my runner-runner flush knocked her out. She graciously handed me her bounty, a T-shirt/hat combo bearing the name of her favorite city in Texas. I wore it with pride.


Fast forward to last night. Another friendly neighborhood SNG for $20 with various G-Vegas degenerates. G-Rob was there, the Axeman, Otit and IceT, the Crawfish, Frank the Tank, and Ben rounded out the table.

My chosen atire for this game was the aforementioned Austin bounty T-shirt. The Crawfish asked where the 3:16 was. Alas, I was not Stone Cold that evening, but I appreciated the reference. What!?!?

We get down to 3-handed play with me UTG. I peek down to see the Hiltons, dark flavor. We were at the 25/50 level, so I bump it to 150. G-Rob in the SB folds away and the Axeman gives me an ever so sly look and announces all-in. Being three-handed, I insta-call and proudly display my biznatches.

Axeman shows pocket Aces. Ugh. Not again. Or not again?

The queen-high flop kept me alive long enough to battle G-Rob headsup. Although his AJ dominated my AT and relegated me to 2nd place, I felt the power of the Austin T's suckout-enabling hyperforce in action.


Thanks again April. I love the shirt.

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