Sunday, August 14, 2005

If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say

I'm all about customer service. I'll pay higher prices and go out of my way to frequent places that have proven themselves in the service arena.

On this blog, and on others, we like to complain a bit about various poker sites that have bungled things for us. I certainly couldn't put the keyboard down when Empire Poker banned my account for bonus chasing.

But just recently, I've had a very positive experience. It actually surprised me.

Noble Poker. Many of us have had problems there with respect to cashout and the like, but this morning I had a very positive experience with customer support that I feel should be shared.

I still have some of the bonus left when I signed up under IGGY's referral. However, the last two emails I received claiming to have made bonus deposits in my account were not reflected in my balance.

So I clicked the "online support" button. I was greeting by someone named "Leigh." In cases like this, I prefer to think that Leigh is a hot female dressed in tight hip hugger jean shorts with a pink Noble Poker t-shirt exposing her navel.

Where was I?

Oh yeah. I relayed my dilema to Leigh and surprisingly within 3 minutes, my account was credited with the proper bonus money.


It's a little sad that I've been conditioned to expect the worst and get pleasantly surprised when things go as they should.

So Noble Poker will continue to get some of my business even with some of their software issues and the like. I'm pretty easy to please.

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