Sunday, August 21, 2005

A Preamble

Before I get into things, just wanted to throw a note of thanks out to several people.

To my four house-guests, Iggy, Daddy, Pauly and Derek, for being easy to take care of.

To Otis for organizing a kick-ass party.

To G-Rob for fucking up the Drunk Olympics draft.

To CJ for taking over tournament director duties when I went to play in a cash game.

To Maudie for bringing some Oklahoma wine for me to try and withstanding my steel chair shot to the cranium without juicing.

To April for bringing some exclusive Texas-brewed beer to casa Blood.

To EvaCanHang for being the best bartendress in the upstate.

To AlCantHang for, well, for just being AlCantHang.

To DoubleAs for making the trek and proving he can party as well as anybody.

To Gamecock for proving how lax the under-age drinking laws are here in SC.

To BigPirate for representin' SC at the Brad-o-ween V tourney.

To Heather for playing in the miniBlood's chip challenge Sunday afternoon.

To the long-list of folks who can now beat me at armwrestling (read: Any member of the Smith family)

To Marty and the St. Loo Crew for being willing to hang out at casa Blood watching Empire Strikes Back during the tourney on Friday.

To the Axeman who furthered the legend of the G-Vegas home game.

To Gracie for not being upset when she bluffed off her chips to me when I held the nuts.

And last, and ESPECIALLY not least, to Mrs_Blood who drove my passed-out, drunk ass home on Saturday night. She puts up with so much. Guess I gotta buy her a new house now.

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