Wednesday, September 28, 2005

If I Were To Win...

Well, our state Lotto jackpot is up over $150 million again.  I’ll purchase some tickets of my own, but the real fantasy would be if our small office pool of numbers wins.

My suggestion was to keep about 2-3 million to the side and give it to the winner of the following contest:

Rather than have the lot of us walk out of our jobs en masse, we’d see who could get fired first.  Getting fired without getting arrested would be quite a challenge.  There are tried and true methods of getting fired, but many of them take time, thus the challenge to be the first.


When I buy my ticket, I’m going to yell to the cashier behind the counter “One time, cashier!!!!  One time!!!”

Sad part is that the cashier will be able to give me whatever numbers I want.

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